Robert Turner Collective

Le Commun, Geneva, June 2 - 25, 2022

A digital art exhibition featuring a series of audio-visual installations that include both still and moving images, stand-alone installations, evolving algorithm works, talks and live performances. Collaboration between the Robert Turner Collective and the electroacoustic jazz duo, INFLUUT (Nat Cilia and Daniel Maszkowicz). As a transdisciplinary exhibition, Renaissance looked at how art and technology interact and influence one another, while proposing new paradigms that shed light on our relationships with and reactions to possible future worlds.

First floor
The main space of the first floor housed the immersive installation Renaissance , the installation space | time | space , and an interactive sonic tree (by Daniel Maszkowicz) showered in natural light through a "stained-glass" window using images from the Lines series.

Second floor
The main space of the second floor was dedicated to Robert Turner Collective still works under the heading Timelines including the 100 images in Multicosm . A separated dark room contained the Living Still Tane's Garden.